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The Guschu Teahouse & Galleria is a non-profit arm of the Tolowa Nation. This business is owned by the Tolowa Nation/HUSS Business Council. Tolowa Nation is a local American Indian Tribe in Del Norte County. We feature local artists from the entire community in this portion of the coast of Northern California and Southwest Oregon. The Guschu Teahouse & Galleria features local crafts including American Indian crafts at public events held locally, such as Holiday Fairs, County Fairs, etc.

Currently the Guschu Teahouse & Galleria building is closed except for renting for events. If you wish to rent the building call (707) 458-3526 and leave a message with date, time, and contact person.

The next public event for the Guschu Teahouse & Galleria to sell gift, art, or craft items will be at the United Indian Health Services Holiday Fair, December 1, 2012.

Guschu Teahouse & Galleria is in the process of building up the business. We are trying to find grants for many subjects such as operations, educational events, cultural activities, and community information events.

We are looking into many ventures for Guschu Teahouse & Galleria. Please send us any ideas or comments to HUSS Business Council, P.O. Box 213, Fort Dick, CA 95538.

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P.O. Box 213
Fort Dick, CA 95538

Phone: 707.458.3526