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About Tolowa Nation
About Tolowa Nation

Tolowa Nation people are descendants of the XUS ("HUSS"). We are from "Guschu" country. We belong to the rocky Pacific coastline of northwest California and southwest Oregon. We live in the watersheds of the Smith, Winchuck, Rogue, and Chetco Rivers.
Our ancestors lived and traveled up and down the coast trading with many different people including the international trading city of the Chinook's on the Columbia River. This led to early contact with the Spanish, Russian, Chinese ships, and the Hudson Bay Company prior to the Gold Rush of 1849 of the West.

We do not have a reservation or rancheria. Our people live on their own land mostly in Del Norte and Curry counties.

We continue to keep our tradition and culture alive. We offer many things to our people such as language camps, regalia classes, and preparation of traditional foods and medicines.

We participate in many community events locally. We offer the community opportunities to learn about us by presenting dance demonstrations , storytelling, and other types of cultural presentations that can be shared with the overall public.

Our land base  is located in Del Norte County and Curry County in Oregon. Our main place of business is at Guschu Hall, 12821 Mouth Smith River Road, Smith River, CA.  Guschu Teahouse & Galleria is one economic arm of Tolowa Nation.

Tolowa Nation
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